Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it cost to use a Financial Advisor?

A: In reality, cost is only cost in the absence of value. If one automobile costs more but provides greater value through safety and comfort, the value to you may outweigh the cost. The same might be true of your home, your golf club choices, and your cruise choices in retirement, your investment selection choices or any choice that may offer greater value than the price paid.

Early on in life, I was taught that reading the menu from the right to the left (looking at the cost first) is considered to be a poverty conscious habit. This habit comes into play when people are willing to sacrifice selection, enjoyment or happiness because they decide to limit their choices by thinking that cheaper may always be better. Budgeting may be necessary, but sacrificing for the wrong reasons may not be a wise choice.

We believe that the ‘bottom line’ for Financial Planning or using a Financial Advisor should not cost you. It should pay you through greater benefits from service, support, guidance, protection or helping to provide the values and results necessary for your ultimate success. If you have not been experiencing this, perhaps it’s time to find a competent and qualified Advisor or get a ‘second opinion’ from one. That is why we are here for you.


Q: Is Retirement and Investment Planning…
with Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory different?

A: Life is change. Since 1844, when there was speculation that our Patent Office might consider closing for lack of new inventions being offered, our lives have changed from Samuel Morris developing the Telegraph and the Morris Code to Nuclear Fusion, the man on the moon, the cell phone, the iPod, Wii and Xbox, the Internet, electric cars, replacement body parts and life expectancy more than doubling.

Retirement and Investment planning advice may need to change to keep up with the times during your distribution with protection and growth years. New thinking, new strategies, new understanding and new advocacy support may need to be strongly utilized to help insure your retirement lifestyle. Albert Einstein’s selection for the Eighth Wonder of the World just might need to be revisited and better understood and practiced to provide greater opportunity for retirees. Do you know what that is?

With over 25 years of personal experience and success helping others to achieve and live to enjoy their retirement objectives, we offer advice and solutions from the trenches that may be the most appropriate for today’s retirees.


Q: Why is objectivity important?

A: It’s important to work with an advisor who is not tied to any one specific investment product or company. You should want someone who can make objective recommendations based on your specific goals, not their desire to make a sales quota.


Q: Do all of your clients have the same objectives…
or the same financial goals?

A: For most retirees the objectives are similar. Their objective is to find a way to invest properly to help insure that their assets and their income will be there for them for as long as they may need it. They want their lifestyle to continue uninterrupted and not to have to worry about losing their purchasing power to inflation or worrying about losing their money. They are looking for appropriate investments with good growth potential and added value to accommodate their needs. However, not all of our clients have the same financial goals. In fact, no two retirement plans may ever look exactly alike.

The approach we recommend is highly customized for each client based upon what they want out of their retirement. We help to examine the many different risks, portfolio diversification allocations, liquidity needs and possible tax implications before any recommendations are offered or implemented.


Q: What do I need to consider in dealing with my retirement account planning?

A: There are numerous considerations you may need to be aware of with any qualified retirement account. Although mistakes could affect you severely, working with a competent professional and qualified plan specialist may help to alleviate those mistakes. Before a client makes any decisions, we present the pros and the cons for each individual consideration.

Are you looking for tax-free income in retirement? Do you wish to pass more assets on to loved ones or other beneficiaries? Do you wish to keep assets in the family perhaps for generations and pay the least possible in taxes? Do you know how to help protect your retirement accounts from creditors, divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits, or other problems that may expose you to loss? Could an IRA Trust be right for you? Would it be better to leave your 401-k with the company? Should you leave your IRA to your Living Trust? These are just a few examples of questions that we help our clients to answer and act upon accurately.

As Retirement Specialists we have been helping clients with these and many other concerns. If you care to do any personal research, IRA planning books written by Ed Slott, CPA might help.  Remember, we are talking about an IRA specialist in distribution planning. Our training, reputation and experience in distribution planning precedes us. Please give us a call.


Q: What is the cost of a Financial Analysis…
or Retirement or Estate plan?

A: You may have seen or heard advertisements that are designed to make you think or make a point. Try this one on for size.

We believe to work with an experienced Financial Planning Advisor who has the training, years of experience, dedication and commitment to help you personally achieve your retirement and estate planning objectives and lifestyle goals can be…Priceless!

Our objective in working with our clients is to help them achieve their financial success. We believe a disciplined approach with consistent review developed around a sound financial or estate planning analysis is imperative. Therefore, your first analysis with us is done at NO COST. This helps to provide the necessary information for both of us to be able to determine how we might be able to work together. In addition, we offer 50 Weekly Market Commentaries and Periodic Personal Reviews. Client Educational Workshops; Quarterly Economic Summit meetings with Top Money Managers; an encrypted internet vault that will allow you to see all of your accounts from all institutions including copies of your trust or valuable documents; periodic plan analysis updates and more are also available.

Whenever you have questions or your life changes, we are available at any time to our clients by phone and we return all phone calls within 24 hours during our working hours.


Q: Do you get paid by fees or commission?

A: Yes

Again, we are solution driven for our clients and not product driven. The investment solution might best be served for our clients by dealing directly with an investment company, mutual fund company, real estate investment trust company or insurance company, in which case we would be paid by commission. MFG is not tied to any proprietary company.

We do not offer investment management without first implementing a Financial Planning Analysis. We employ a disciplined approach striving for the minimal amount of risk consistent with your financial objectives. We may suggest various products and strategies to accomodate your risk and liquidity needs, of which is dictated by your Financial Planning Analysis. Please note that there is no investment strategy that can predict or project actual performance, ensure a profit, or protect against a loss.


Q:Are my holdings held with Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory?

A: At Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory, we do not “hold” our clients’ investments. All client holdings are either held directly at investment companies, or at LPL Financial, a brokerage firm we are partnered with. LPL Financial is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). What that means is that if LPL Financial were to fail, then account owners could receive coverage up to $500,000, including cash claims limited to $250,000. Please note that the SIPC coverage does not protect against a decline in the market value of securities, identity theft, or other 3rd party fraud.


Q: When do I really need help…
from a competent Financial Planning Investment Advisor?

A: We feel that there are four ‘stages of self recognition’ to help understand where we are in life and it applies to business success, career success and even in retirement planning success!

Stage 1) Recognizing that ‘you don’t know…that you don’t know.’

An example would be following the crowd for saving and investing or listening to your neighbor because you think they were successful…and hoping for the best. Remember, Hope is not a strategy.

Stage 2) Recognizing that ‘you know…that you don’t know.’

When you become aware of the fact that following the crowd for saving and investing or listening to your neighbor because you think they were successful and hoping for the best isn’t always what is right for you, and now realize that Hope is not a strategy.

Stage 3) Recognizing that ‘you don’t know…that you know.’

After doing the research for yourself and coming to sound decisions based on fact, analysis and good judgment…but not taking appropriate action…might be the example for not knowing that you now know.

Stage 4) Recognizing that ‘you know…that you know.’

You have come to realize that Choice is important; that making a sound decision brings empowerment to that choice; that taking action on that decision may give you both the freedom and the responsibility to move forward toward personal success; and perhaps realizing that having a knowledgeable advocate to help educate, guide or help advise you in your decisions might prove to be a final key to your success.

A competent Financial Planning Investment Advisor might prove to be valuable to you at any stage in your ‘self recognition’ financial planning success.


Please call for your ‘no cost’ Review at 916.772.2477 or 888.772.2487

When you succeed…we succeed.