Why Choose Us

The Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory believes that smart investing begins with a disciplined approach.
To accomplish this, we use sophisticated financial tools to appraise and analyze the current values of your assets to perform a personalized GAP analysis of actions that could help to achieve your objectives.

  • We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest regard of professionalism, privacy and efficiency in direct correlation to personal risk and protection needs.
  • No sum is too small or too large for anyone to want to ignore improvement.

We have helped to guide our clients through the:

October 25th, 1987 Stock Market crash
Recessions of the early 1990′s
Record Stock Market Bull Run from 1995 to 2000
Bear Market panic after 9-11 from 2000 to 2002
Resurgence from a low of 7,290 through a new market high of over 14,000
One of the Worst Economic Recessions in 2008 since 1929

LPL Financial and the Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory are Independent Firms. What that means to you is that we strive to provide personalized strategies to the Independent needs of each client.

  • There is no ‘one plan fits all’ mentality.

We believe that education and communication are imperative if success is the ultimate goal.

For example:

  • We provide a Weekly Market Commentary that helps to provide you with updates and changes to the market.
  • We schedule Periodic Reviews that are determined by your planning and investment needs or concerns.
  • And, we can’t forget our client events throughout the year such as our Holiday Parties and Educational Client Workshops.

Both Tom and Dianne have earned the distinct designation of Certified Retirement Counselor through the International Foundation of Retirement Education in coordination with Texas Tech University.

We believe that Retirement should be a New Horizon of Enjoyment.
We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in visualizing your future from another vantage point and possibly providing you with a ‘bridge to a more secure and enjoyable financial future’.

Please call for your ‘no cost’ review at 916.772.2477 or 888.772.2487.

When you succeed…we succeed.