Many entering, or already in, retirement have become totally confused, frustrated and frightened by their lack of control in not knowing what to believe or in whom they can trust.

The Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory helps to clear the confusion, release frustration, calm the fears and strives to develop a meaningful, financially successful and trustworthy relationship.
If you are experiencing a one-dimensional approach to retirement planning we feel that it may prove to be detrimental to your financial success.

Your experience at the Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory offers the following:

  • MFG, a full service brokerage firm, offers ‘Big Picture’ planning through Thomas Melton, an Investment Advisor Representative and a licensed insurance broker.
  • MFG is committed to providing Independent, Non-Proprietary Strategies.
  • MFG offers Quarterly Client meetings and reviews to improve client communication and education.
  • MFG provides Weekly Market Commentaries to our valued clients.
  • MFG offers a wide variety of Alternative Strategies and Periodic client only educational Training Workshops.
  • MFG offers strategic alliance affiliations with CPA’s and Attorneys.

We believe that only when you have been exposed to the facts and alternatives of our industry will you have the ability to make more powerful Choices…Choices that may allow you to enjoy your lifelong retirement dreams with a greater understanding of what living life is really all about.

We at the Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory, value our client relationships.
We believe in helping clients to take appropriate action once a mutual bond of trust has been established and their confidence is supported by knowledge and understanding. Our years of experience supported by honesty and integrity have proven this to be a successful formula.
We are driven by the desire to give accurate and timely advice to enhance a client’s view of the ‘big picture’.

Retirement and Estate Planning Services

  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Stretch IRA and Distribution Consultation
  • Asset Allocation Models and Strategies
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Annuities

We take pride in our ability and understanding for addressing the needs; help growing and protecting the assets; and help fulfilling the objectives for a successful financial future for our clientele.
After completing a thorough review, and/or a comprehensive financial analysis, we may then offer services, strategies, or plans to Pre-Retirees, those already in Retirement, or High Net Worth Individuals.

Please call for your ‘no cost’ Review at 916.772.2477 or 888.772.2487

When you succeed…we succeed.